Thursday, September 20, 2012

some good news and some new work!

Hey everyone. first off, for those of you who frequent the stream, id like to apologize for not being on much at all lately. I promise ill get some time for it in my schedule soon. The reason ive been away is because recently ive had a huge increase in NDA work- which for those unfamiliar, means work i contractually cant share. Ive taken on so much that its been almost impossible to make time for anything else, including the stream. The good news is ive landed a freelance job with Paizo as well as several other smaller clients that will mean regular work. they've been tons of fun, and i cant wait to share what ive been doing for them with you when my contract allows it. Ill also be at new york comic-con, as those of you who listen to the stream have probably heard. if you can find me, ill give you a hug. if you cant, then prepare to leave the con un-embraced.

below are some symbols i wrapped up for dream reactor's card game. theyre sort of heraldic takes on the 6 faction symbols in the game. because the images had to work at multiple sizes, some very small, the textures had to be generalized and painted in manually with less details than a textured brush would offer. was a lot of fun to try my hand at.

more soon, I promise.

<3 Dan

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Old and New!

Hey! havent updated in a while. a lot has been happening! since my last update, ive moved into a really great but much more expensive apartment. this means I have to do a lot more work! ive been streaming less and working more and ive got all kinds of stuff in the works i hope to be able to show soon. today, im gonna upload some stuff from the villains a couple weeks back you may have already seen, and a newer card for Dream Reactor games. new paintings, some UI stuff, and sketches soon!