Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hey, all!

as mentioned before, i cant show anything im doing lately. so its time to share what people in the daggers have been doing under my mentoring class. the mentoring is in a sort of beta testing period. I think its going to go very well, but for now its all trial and error! heres what 3 of my students have been doing, with some links to the video crits as well as the forum thread with everyones work! Ill have new stuff to show next week.

below are works by (in order) Thomas Mahon, Malan, and Tadas. their submitted design is on the left, my crit is on the right, and the explanations as to what i did and why are in the video (3 hours of me and david talkin bout armor.)

Hope everyones well!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the long push to 2013

Hello, all!

for those of you who might not know, ive been working regularly for Paizo on some pathfinder campaigns for about a month now. its a lot of fun and im really enjoying it. Im not able to share the work im doing for them with you yet, but when i get the OK ill have tons of new stuff to share. ive got solid work almost til the new year, so i should be good and busy through the holidays.

Comic-con was also great fun, and it was awesome seeing those of you i got a chance to hang out with. It also made me realize that its time to make a more serious site, and that is in the works. (Thanks, Marc). ive never been this busy before, ever. even when i was finishing school. forgive me for not being able to stream as much, I hope you all understand. for those interested, ive started my first run at mentoring over on the daggers site. i run it on sundays, and i think it'll be a cool experience. you can follow it and check out the classes here-

lastly, heres a new piece i can share. its a new card for moonga, and it was easily the hardest thing my colorblindness has ever had to deal with painting. youll see why.

more soon. <3
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