Sunday, July 7, 2013

some new work!

hey all- heres a bit of new (old) work!

this started as my piece for the crimson daggers guild of golems bloodsport, and i had to out it on the back burner for a while due to a series of jobs. its done now so im happy to share it in a decent resolution!

thanks to my friend michelle for providing me with reference for the look of the face and fabric!

i could have worked on this image forever, but i had to stop! i really love middle eastern / indian mythology, culture, and design, so i always get carried away when working with it. and apparently i didnt learn anything from my piece of king louie- cause here i am rendering yet another pile of treasure.

more soon!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

some old stuff, a study, and some news.

hey everyone!

been slow to update on here for a few reasons. biggest of all- i cant show most of what ive been doing. sometime soon i will be able to show all the work i recently did for pathfinder, but not yet. instead, heres a few old things - some roughs for shields i did for the dark souls contest, a viking themed logo that had sweet braids once but my that my client made me delete, and a longform 10 hour study i did this week.

i have about 16 new pieces waiting to be shown, from the paizo work to a personal IP im developing for the daggers summer pitch, and 2 new pieces of shovel knight art. theres a couple peeks below, and i hope to finish them in the coming week! safe to say, there will be a lot more updates coming soon.