Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crimson Daggers Deathline Challenge!

All right everyone, its time for a new kind of challenge.

for a few months now the crimson daggers have been fortunate enough to have tons of passionate entries into the goldenboy monthly challenge. these challenges address short term goals and everyone whos been serious about the studying has really improved! you should all be proud!

now, however, im gonna give everyone another initiative to push it to the next level. a true challenge for all of us to better ourselves in, as well as out, of art.


In the next year, i wanna challenge everyone to achieve their top three personal goals to the absolute best of their abilities.
for most of us, this will be art related. but keep in mind- our personal lives effect our professional lives in a profound way.

are you stuck in a living situation that isnt conducive to your work as an artist? need a healthier home, job, or surrounding?
are you having trouble finding commissions? just cant seem to find the time to get that fresh new portfolio developed and in order?
are your shortcomings in fundamentals affecting the quality of your personal work? do you feel frustrated or overwhelmed with composition, color, or anatomy?

you could have any number of problems with where you are personally and professionally. the goal now is to remove these, and really take a step in the right direction!

lets all take a year to work as hard as possible, doing something positive EVERY DAY to move in the right direction to solve these problems and achieve our goals.

im challenging all of you to become the best versions of yourselves you can be by this time next year!

theres infinite resources for self betterment at all of our disposals. nows the time to take advantage of these and stop believing in the myth of 'waiting til were ready'. were all ready now, so lets go for it. if youre having trouble getting started, feel free to use the goldenboy contests as monthly benchmarks for your goals. keep track of what youre doing, where you were, and where youre going!

weve got an awesome group goin regularly now, and tons of support from others going through the same struggles. theres no excuses! push it!

Things to remember to survive and succeed the Deathline:

1) you aren't alone! join others in the group on forums and in streams to talk about your progress. seek help where help is needed- were all in this together.
2) set monthly benchmarks to break your biggest problems down into incremental steps. look at the big picture and form a path for your own pace on how to get where you need to be.
3) compare new work to old work regularly to mark your own progress and growth. seeing and understanding a real change will keep you motivated!
4) if one of your goals lies outside the arts, keep track of your progress by keeping records and data. share it with the group and see how others are doing with similar problems.
5) do something productive EVERY DAY! building and maintaining momentum is crucial for effective growth. rotate your goals within your schedule to keep yourself interested and on track!
   6) be honest and analytical. everyone has professional and personal flaws that are hard to accept. recognize them, chart a course, and destroy them!
   7) there will be a special support stream with dave and myself at the middle and end of each month to review how your progress is going and keep everyone on track!

my 365 day goals:

1) develop a professional portfolio for the fields i wish to work in
2) lose 100 lbs to increase my personal energy and motivation.
3) become entirely self sufficient off art jobs and commissions

Lets hit the ground running! im with you til the end!


  1. you know when i logged into twitter in the middle of doing my SWOT analysis and making an OGSM i totally did not count on finding out about this stream. Must be fate. :D I'll post some stuff up soon. And thanks for doing this.

  2. Great post Dan, stuff like this really reminds me, as I'm sure it does others, how much more we could all be doing to get better and improve our situations.

    Hope everyone starts tomorrow and more than just a handful of people stick with it for the year!

  3. I'm with you too, mate! Enough of being lazy, let's do it!

  4. I've been lurking on Dave's livestream and wondering about Crimson Daggers for a while now. Tonight's talk has got me pumped to start making a change for the better. Gonna get started immediately!!

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  6. Haha Dan you're the best man, Gonna stick back to Crimson Daggers, its been a while and its good to be back!

    My 365 day goal:

    1 and only) Work for Wizards of the Coast

  7. This is so awesome. Challenge accepted!

  8. Challenge accepted... (AKA n8package)

  9. We shall crush our goals, with our SHINING FINGERS!

  10. I'm in for this! jojo challenge accepted !

  11. To be honest I'd already given myself this very challenge before I even knew the Daggers were doing this. But, hey, now I get to improve myself along with other people. It's nice not having to do it alone.

  12. So glad you guys started this. Definitely going to give this a go!

  13. Reading what you have written Dan greatly boosted up my confidence. Such great inspiration and motivation filled me up today. Thanks Dan.

  14. A little late, but I totally accept.

    Let's do it.

  15. I was honestly scared to do this challenge, but I have joined! I need to stop being so timid. Let the achievement begin :D

  16. yea. fears a useless feeling. just push through all your reservations and go for it.

  17. A friend of mine pointed me to this post. I'm accepting this challenge as well. Very motivational, thank you :)