Thursday, December 8, 2011

Join the Trevolution!

ok guys, for those of you who made it to tonights stream, and asked for a character design challenge to motivate ya to do some new work, here it is- direct from none other than everyones favorite trevor. its a sci fi prompt from a man who really knows his stuff- and, being an industry professional, those of you entering should take his challenge seriously!

now, MY spin on this idea is to do RELEVANT and DIRECT studies in corrolation to your character work. what i mean by this is if the characters wearing metal armor, study some metal armor. if his pets hair, study some animals and work on those texturing and animal anatomical skills! make every study count- and after doing them, apply the knowledge back into the piece.

A REMINDER: this is in no way mandatory, but as lots of people asked for an activity, were hopiung those of you that wanted it make the most of it. the deadline is next friday, december 16th. and- to keep us on our toes, NO submitting of your in progress characters during this weeks crits. i want a suprise!

below is a link to trevors blog post regarding the challenge. good luck!

Trevor's Sci Fi duo challenge!


  1. This is a good idea. Hopefully I can find time between finals and studying to join in on the fun!

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