Tuesday, October 23, 2012

the long push to 2013

Hello, all!

for those of you who might not know, ive been working regularly for Paizo on some pathfinder campaigns for about a month now. its a lot of fun and im really enjoying it. Im not able to share the work im doing for them with you yet, but when i get the OK ill have tons of new stuff to share. ive got solid work almost til the new year, so i should be good and busy through the holidays.

Comic-con was also great fun, and it was awesome seeing those of you i got a chance to hang out with. It also made me realize that its time to make a more serious site, and that is in the works. (Thanks, Marc). ive never been this busy before, ever. even when i was finishing school. forgive me for not being able to stream as much, I hope you all understand. for those interested, ive started my first run at mentoring over on the daggers site. i run it on sundays, and i think it'll be a cool experience. you can follow it and check out the classes here-


lastly, heres a new piece i can share. its a new card for moonga, and it was easily the hardest thing my colorblindness has ever had to deal with painting. youll see why.

more soon. <3

© Everdreamsoft


  1. Looks awesome Dan, looking forward to seeing more of your new stuff when it's released.

  2. your moonga artwork is pretty kickass mate

  3. very awesome! I have colorblindness too as concept artist. It's kinda hard to think about the colors.

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