Saturday, February 2, 2013

some news and new work!

Hey all- havent been on here for a bit but im gonna try and be more regular. Ill show some older work i didnt get a chance to put on here- but theres lots of new stuff comin as well. Im almost done with a huge personal project im excited to share, and Ive been working a lot with Dave on a few things as well that im really pumped about. for anyone who hasn't seen the awesome work people in my mentorship are doing, the class has wrapped up and you can see the full spreads of characters here.

below is some old moonga and paizo stuff i didn't get a chance to put up here- theres a few more on my DA. also included is a tattoo a lovely lady sent me of one of my old tin men she had put on her arm. was really awesome to see! working on a few more tattoos for people as well, and its pretty fun.

lots of new stuff comin, and i hope everyones doin well.


  1. Nice work dude! Thanks for sharing. It must be a really cool feeling to see someone get a tattoo of your work.

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