Sunday, July 22, 2012

Some new, Some old

hey everyone. thanks for all the positive feedback on the last piece, it meant a lot. i just got back from an impromptu  3 day trip to las vegas with my brother and ive been tryin to hit the ground running. ive got 3 new pieces in the works and i wanted to dump these 2 old ones and a rough for one of the new ones.

the oldest here is a weird and very specific character commission some of you might have seen me working on on the stream. this is as far as i got with it, and i really enjoyed rendering the smoke. so much so that ive adopted it into my momo image below, a book with, conveniently, a large emphasis on smoke.

also below is the my most back burnered image in recent memory. i had to stop working on it, as it should have been done ages ago. be careful of taking on too much at once! the consequences can be terrible.

more soon!



  1. Great stuff Dan. I love seeing your style emerge. It's killer.

    1. haha thanks man. i wish i had style steroids.

  2. The color is starting to really come around! looking good man

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