Monday, August 6, 2012

Thanks, Brah

Ooooooooo its been a long month. between the stress of moving, working freelance, and all the usual streaming and studying, its been a rough go lately. the move has been wrapping up and i should have it settled soon. But i wanted to say thanks to everyone for being so supportive and awesome on and off the streams. when i needed more work, you guys were there to help, getting me freelance gigs from forums i hadnt seen as well as even some card art for employers you had looking for new people. It really means a ton, so thanks for everything.

heres some new stuff, none of it done, except for the redone cathedral dude fixed with a paintover from david. theres also my villains spreadddd which i hope will be wrapped up soon, and that king card which i themed off some of my favorite stained glass. 

so thanks again to all you awesome friends. you know who you are. more soon!



  1. It's great and inspiring to see your progress bro, keep moving forward <3

  2. the armor with stained glass came out amazing.

  3. I saw the Zelda piece you did posted on reddit and just wanted to say how awesome your work is. I enjoy it very much. Keep it up!

    1. hey thanks a ton man. that was a lot of fun to do. glad you enjoyed!

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